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Tips to Alleviate Aches and Pain While Traveling


If you travel extensively, dealing with discomfort from being restricted to one spot for a long duration of time is a possibility. An ache or pain caused by traveling can be remedied with a trip to NuView Health Medial in New York. Here are some ways to alleviate pain in the body when traveling by car or plane is imminent.

Do a Warm-Up Before Travel Time

It is important to prepare the body when you need to travel in a vehicle or airplane before you are trapped in one sit for several hours. Stretching the body beforehand can help. Start by reaching your arms upward and leave them in this position for several seconds before bending over and touching your toes for several seconds. Repeating this slowly for several rotations will help to prime your body for your upcoming trip.

Take as Many Breaks as Possible

It is important to move your body around when you have the chance when you are traveling. If you are driving or riding in a vehicle, be sure to stop at rest areas every few hours so you can get up and get your body circulating and muscles moving before heading back out on the road again. In a plane, get up and walk up and down the aisle every few hours. If you need to remain seated due to a traffic jam or turbulence, outstretch each arm, one at a time for several seconds and then do the same with each leg. This will help to keep muscles moving and will aid in the circulating of your blood.

See our Midtown Chiropractor for Help

Our chiropractor can assist with minimizing any ache and pain you suffer from as a result of non-movement of your body when traveling. With aid from temperature control tactics, massage, light exercises, and spinal adjustments, discomfort will subside quickly.

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