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Treatment For Cervical Spinal Degeneration


If you are suffering from a stiff neck or neck pain, you might be concerned with cervical spinal degeneration. Start here at NuView Health Medical serving Midtown West and Midtown East with chiropractic care. Following a chiropractic evaluation and diagnosis, we offer treatment for cervical spine pain and neck conditions.

What is Cervical Spinal Degeneration?

The upper part of the spinal column is called the cervical spine. The degeneration occurs within the vertebrae leading to damage or disease within the disc. When this happens, the cushion between the discs wears thin. As a result, there is an increase in spinal pain. Most commonly we see this among individuals who are aging or suffering from severe back and neck injuries.

What Does a Chiropractor in Midtown or Manhattan Do to Treat Cervical Spinal Degeneration?

We use chiropractic adjustments and spinal decompression to treat cervical spinal degeneration. Our treatments are all-natural and do not involve surgery. You can experience pain relief, as well as treatment for the spinal condition. This helps you reduce chronic neck pain and improve your rate of healing. We also offer massage therapy and physical therapy to help you return to your normal routine soon after treatment. 

What are the Most Common Symptoms of Cervical Spinal Degeneration?

If you are suffering from cervical spinal degeneration, you may likely have a stiff neck along with neck pain. This pain is not from any injury or other illness, and you are unable to resolve the pain on your own. You may also have numbness, weakness, or a loss of mobility in one or both arms, hands, and shoulders. This is caused by inflammation on the nerve endings along the spinal cord. 

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