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Types of Migraines

Those with migraine headaches wonder why people ask for NYC chiropractic help for theirs. The truth is that several types of migraines are helped by a Midtown, Midtown East, and Midtown West chiropractor. What are these types of migraines, and how can a chiropractor near me, perhaps in Rockefeller Center, Manhattan, or 10036, specifically Nuview Health Medical NYC, help with pain treatment?

Types Of Migraine

The most common types of migraine include:

  • Migraine with aura. Setting in before the actual headache happens are black dots, tingling, and numbness in part of the body.
  • Migraine without aura. Pulsing, throbbing pain in the side of the head, nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and movement characterize this type of migraine.
  • Chronic migraine. Resembling tension or sinus headaches, chronic migraines last more than ten days and have the same symptoms as other migraines.
  • Cluster headache. Burning pain behind the eyes, in the temples, and around the head characterize this migraine. Sometimes runny noses and red eyes accompany this one.
  • Cervicogenic migraine. Originating in the neck or cervical spine, the pain stays around the back of the head with the usual symptoms of a migraine.

The Purpose of Chiropractic

A Midtown, Midtown East, 10036, or a Midtown West chiropractor uses spinal adjustment as a treatment for the relief of pain. Once the spine is in alignment, the nerves beneath it send no messages to the brain to rush pain relief to the pertinent area.

How Does It Help Specifically?

Your Rockefeller Center, Manhattan, 00361 chiropractor near me will make adjustments to the portion of the spine that’s out of alignment. This directly affects the neck and head. Irritated nerves no longer send pain messages to the brain. Muscle tension relaxes, which is a trigger for migraines. It will take several sessions, but migraines are helped using chiropractic. Contact Nuview Health Medical NYC to learn more about how they can help your migraines. 

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