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Drug-free treatments for back muscle spasms
by NuView Health Medical

A muscle spasm feels like a painful cramp that lasts a few seconds up to several minutes. If this happens frequently in your back, it is not normal. Persistent back muscle spasms more than twice a week left untreated can lead to more serious conditions like sciatica, pinched nerve, or bulging disc. Contact NuView Health Medical to learn about drug-free treatments.

Why do I get back muscle spasms?

You can end up with back muscle spasms after working, playing a sport or doing another activity that causes you to strain your muscles. Overusing your back muscles or putting too much pressure on them can result in strains or sprains that lead to spasms. You can also have spasms from arthritis or disc problems that affect the nerves. When you have these spasms, it means that your affected back muscles are tensing in an involuntary manner.

How do you calm a back muscle spasm?

Chiropractic adjustments to your spine help calm back muscle spasms. Our chiropractic doctor manipulates your entire spine, which reduces the frequency of spasms by improving central nervous system functioning. These adjustments alleviate involuntary muscle tensing. At NuView Health Medical we highly recommend adding a massage beforehand so that the adjustment is more effective.

Contact Our Midtown East Chiropractor

If you have been having back muscle spasms and need relief, please contact NuView Health Medical to schedule an appointment. We are located at 22 W 48th St #306 in New York, NY 10036. With our help, you can enjoy relief from muscle spasms in the back. Keep in mind that we can also treat neck pain, as well as pain in shoulder, knee, and hips.