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Elbow Pain Treatment
by NuView Health Medical in Midtown New York

Formed by the radius, ulna and humerus bones, your elbow is used so frequently in daily activities that it is prone to overuse. Irritation to the soft tissues causes elbow pain and stiffness. Conventional treatment for pain is rest, ice, heat and anti-inflammatory medications. When elbow pain persists however, we recommend physical therapy at NuView Health Medical in Midtown New York.

What causes pain in the elbow?


Your elbow joints contain fluid-filled bursa sacs that help cushion muscles, tendons and bones from powerful impacts. When these sacs become inflamed due to repetitive motions, infection or trauma, they will swell and cause elbow pain. Moderate to severe bursitis can produce pain your neck and back as well.

Stress Fractures

Tiny cracks in elbow bones caused by overuse are called stress fractures. Athletes and people who work with their arms often suffer stress fractures that are frequently misdiagnosed as sprains or strains. Stress fracture symptoms include elbow pain, stiffness, swelling around the elbow and pain radiating into shoulder and neck.

Tennis Elbow

Engaging in repetitive, strenuous motions (playing golf or tennis, painting a house, performing carpentry work) may inflame and irritate elbow tendons and muscles. Symptoms of elbow tendonitis include outer elbow soreness, pain when lifting or gripping objects, moderate to severe stiffness of the elbow in the morning and pain radiating to your forearm and wrist.

Elbow Pain Treatment at NuView Health Medical of Midtown East

We offer a multi-disciplinary approach of non-surgical, drug-free methods for addressing elbow pain. In addition to chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy and acupuncture stimulate release of endorphins to naturally eliminate pain.