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Foot or Ankle Pain Treatment with Your
Midtown New York Chiropractor

Many men and women suffer from foot pain. It is often caused by poor alignment in one of the 26 bones in the foot. Our chiropractor can help treat foot pain by performing joint and manipulations that heals the foot without surgery or medications. At NuView Health Medical we know how to perform manual manipulations on all the bones in the foot. We can relieve pain and help you walk properly again.

How Chiropractic Can Help

When you come to see our chiropractor near Midtown New York, take comfort knowing that you are in the care of a compassionate team who pledges to deliver the best possible care that is appropriate for your unique needs. For ankle pain, Dr. Belsky has found that several of his comprehensive services can be effective, including:

  • Acupuncture, to relieve tension and pain near the joint
  • Physical therapy, including ankle joint mobilizations, exercises, and modalities
  • Massage therapy, to promote improved circulation in the feet
  • Chiropractic adjustments, to ensure the spine is optimally aligned and functioning properly, further facilitating proper support in the feet

Foot Pain Areas Treated

Bottom or Heal

The bottom of the foot or heel often hurts due to the shoes you wear, age, weight, injuries, and activities. The type of conditions that result are heel spur syndrome, and plantar fasciitis.

Pain in the Ball of the Foot and Top

This ball is where your toes connect to the long bone on the bottom of the foot. Pain can be caused by bones that are not aligned properly, fractures, shoes the wrong size or wearing high heels. correctly.

When you suffer from pain in the top of the foot it is often caused by flat feet. Feet that are arched often develop pain on the top. Again it is caused by the bones not being aligned correctly.

Side and Back of the Foot

Pain can be located on the outside or inside of the foot or ankle. Athletes and those that run often develop pain on the sides of the foot. Other causes are tight shoes, bunions, and sprains to the ankle. The back of the foot has the Achilles tendon and pain develops when it is stressed and strained from activities or injuries.

Treatments Used at NuView Health Medical For Foot Pain

Chiropractic Care and Joint Manipulation

Our chiropractor, Dr. Alan Belsky, is trained in joint and bone manipulation. He will diagnose your foot conditions and provide the right manipulations for your foot. He knows how to align the 26 bones located in your foot. He has been trained in many different techniques.

Sports Medicine

When your foot or ankle pain results from a sports injury our doctors and therapist may provide corrective exercises to strengthen your foot bones and ankles. They may use splinting, casting, bracing, or manual therapy to heal sprains, fractures and injuries to the foot. Their goal is to relieve pain and help with range of motion.

Medical Massage Therapy

In some cases of specific foot injuries medical massage may be prescribed your doctor or ours. It is massage treatment that is used to treat a specific condition. It can help to relieve foot pain and help to align the bones properly. Therapists are trained and licensed to do this type of massage therapy.

Conditions Associated with Feet and Ankles


Arthritis is a broad term that describes dozens of different types of joint inflammation and irritation. The most well-known types of arthritis, including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, commonly affect the ankle joint. Arthritis can occur due to a variety of reasons, including a history of joint injury, family history, and lifestyle.

Ligament Sprains

There are several important ligaments in and around your ankle joint that are necessary for both ankle stability and mobility.

These ligaments can become injured in slips, trips, falls, and even auto or work-related accidents and cause swelling, ankle instability, and pain. If left untreated, these ligaments can eventually lead to decreased mobility and scar tissue formation.

Tendonitis & Muscle Strains

Chronic and repetitive strain on the ankles (especially if the person has postural abnormalities or body mechanics that place excessive pressure through the ankle) can lead to muscle inflammation, damage, and pain.