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Cluster Headaches

Treating Cluster Headaches at Your
Midtown Chiropractor

A searing pain that comes with one of these headaches is one of the first symptoms. Thus, the onset of a cluster headache is sudden, unlike that of migraines. Cluster headaches are characterized by periods of pain, followed by relief, followed by pain, followed by relief, and so on and so forth. The duration of the period of pain can range anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 hours in duration.

What is a Cluster Headache?

Cluster headaches can be described as attacks of severe one sided headaches. They occur over a number of weeks and occur in cyclical patterns or in clusters hence in the name. They can last from anywhere between weeks to a month with periods where you don’t experience pain.

Causes of cluster headaches are inconclusive

Research shows that during an attack the hypothalamus part of the brain becomes overactive. However, doctors are not sure why this happens. The hypothalamus will start releasing chemicals called neurotransmitters which stimulate the nerve cells and cause pain. Below are some known triggers:

  • Alcohol – some people experience the head ache within an hour of having an alcoholic drink and they are advised not to take alcohol.
  • Being hot – a hot bath or staying in a hot room can trigger an attack.
  • Strong smells from perfumes or petrol
  • Some sufferers get irritated by bright screens and watching TV