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Osteoarthritis Treatment with our
Midtown New York Chiropractor

When you have osteoarthritis, making even simple movements can be very painful. This condition can affect your back and other joints, which can interfere with your usual activities. If you have not been able to find relief for this condition from conventional treatments, our chiropractic doctor in NYC can help. At NuView Health Medical, we will create a treatment plan to help you manage pain from this chronic condition.

Causes of Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis develops when the cartilage in your joints becomes worn down, which allows the bones in your joint to grind against each other. These movements create friction that can lead to inflammation in the affected joints. Your risk of having this chronic condition is higher as you get older, especially if you have had joint injuries in the past.

Causes of Osteoarthritis

When you come in to our in to our office for an appointment our chiropractor will give you a complete physical and review your medical history. Your tests will include testing the neck’s range of motion and the doctor may ask you to move in certain ways. We will take images of the neck to see more conclusive results. It may be an MRI, CAT scan, or X-rays. At that point, we can make an accurate diagnosis. There are several medical conditions caused by cervical spinal degeneration.

Chiropractic care is used to provide spinal adjustments to the neck and our chiropractors is trained in several different techniques. It relieves pressure, improves circulation, and reduces pain. Often a combination of therapies are used to treat this condition. Massage therapy is another option. At our center we offer several different kinds of massage therapy. We have deep tissue massage therapy that releases pain and manipulate tissue close to the bones.

Physical therapy will be provided to help you with exercise and movement in the neck. The therapist will design a program that works for your specific condition. Our therapist guides you through your exercises and movements. The therapist may suggest exercises to do at home. We will work with your doctor and refer you to a surgeon in serious cases.