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Treatment of pain from chondromalacia

What’s that crackling sensation in your knee? If you’ve been struggling with an ache that worsens when walking up and down stairs, you may be affected by a condition often called “runner’s knee”. Pain from this condition is treated by physical therapy and massage therapy. People who put their knees under regular stress are at most risk for this type of pain.

Get relief from knee pain with chiropractic adjustments

If rest and ice aren’t helping your symptoms, chiropractic adjustments to the sacroiliac joint (base of the spine) can help straighten kneecap tracking. We may also prescribe sports medicine exercises to support a normal gait.

What is chondromalacia?

Your kneecap (patella) normally glides over the bottom end of the thighbone without pain, thanks to a layer of cushioning cartilage. When this cartilage begins to degrade and break up, friction between the kneecap and the thighbone may increase. as the kneecap grates against the bone, you experience an ache or feeling of tightness in the front of the knee.