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Treatment of pain from a collateral ligament injury

Initial treatment for a collateral ligament injury is by our physical therapist. This will get you relief from swelling, soreness, or stiffness on the outer aspect of the knee.
Our chiropractor can also effectively relieve some of the pain and tenderness with regular visits and without medication. This is done through massage therapy, trigger point therapy and the gradual reintroduction of sports medicine exercises to help strengthen the muscles and improve nerve function. We work to minimize scar tissue formation to help protect the joint.

How does a collateral ligament injury occur?

Collateral ligament injuries occur when the knee is pushed in a sideways direction, usually the result of some type of force. Sometimes these are contact injuries, but not always. Slipping on ice or a wet surface may also cause a tear in the MCL or LCL. This injury may also occur when body weight presses down on the knee in an awkward condition.