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Treatment of pain from patellofemoral pain syndrome

Also called anterior knee pain syndrome, Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS) is characterized by pain and stiffness in front of the kneecap during squatting or stair climbing. Additional symptoms include crackling or popping in the knee when standing. While primary treatment is rest and ice, sometimes additional care in the form of physical therapy or chiropractic adjustments are warranted. We may also properly tape the knee for regularly performing exercises.

Causes of anterior knee pain syndrome

  • Overuse – repetitive running or jumping that causes irritation to the knee cap.
  • Acute Injury – trauma to the knee cap such as a previous fracture.
  • Post-Surgery – Patients that have had prior knee surgery are at higher risk. 
  • Muscle Weakness – if the knee tracks abnormally when squatting or stair climbing.

How our midtown doctors can help

First we check for imbalances along the spine particularly focusing on the lower portion of the body. If something is out of alignment from the hips down, it can manifest as patellofemoral pain syndrome. Second, massage therapy and chiropractic adjustments are applied. Third, taping the knee (e.g. KT Tape) may help ease the pain until the next treatment session.