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Why do my knees pop and click?

One reason may be that the soft ligaments and tendons within the knee are snapping back into place after moving over a bony protrusion. Popping and clicking noises can repeat as you bend or squat. Another reason could be tendons and ligaments that are catching on scar tissue. When the popping or crackling sensations becomes painful it is time to seek chiropractic care or physical therapy.

Long-term popping and clicking can lead to arthritis

Arthritis can begin as a popping or clicking sound. Past injuries such as a torn meniscus can also manifest a popping sound and lead to the chronic condition of arthritis. A full examination and possible X-Ray Imaging will be able to further determine treatment.

How NuView Health Medical Gets You Pain Relief

Doctors of Chiropractic look to solve pain through a natural approach. Their belief of why the body signals pain is because the body is out of balance. Knee popping and clicking can be due to an imbalance along the spine. At our office we will begin with diagnostic X-Rays, then provide chiropractic, massage, and physical therapy.