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A Neck Pain Chiropractor's Most Common Questions
by NuView Health Medical

Our neck pain chiropractor at NuView Health Medical explains neck pain in this way: if when looking in a certain direction causes neck pain, it may be due to muscle strain and muscle tension. This combination is commonly termed a “stiff neck”. To explain, when neck muscles are under tension they can cause neck bones to move abnormally. In turn, the joints between bones lose proper support and become stiff. Worse, inflammation can set in and create near constant pain.

Treatment by our Neck Pain Chiropractor

The first step is a detailed medical examination. We will consider your current symptoms, range of motion, and lifestyle. Then we administer neck pain treatment right away. In many cases, chiropractic adjustments immediately restore normal joint alignment and take pressure away from nerves. Our other services can be included in a treatment: Massage encourages soft tissue healing. Acupuncture triggers natural endorphins. Physical therapy helps you rehabilitate.

neck pain chiropractor giving relief to patient

Neck Pain's Many Possible Causes

The single body part you think of as your neck is a complex assembly of bones, cushioning intervertebral discs, facet joints, muscles, and connective tissues. Any failure of any of these working parts leads to neck pain.

  • Cervical spinal degeneration
    • age-related degeneration of the cervical spine
  • Bulging discs
    • vertebral discs lose their normal height and cushioning ability
  • Pinched nerves
    • spinal bones may press against nerve roots. You may experience additional pain in your arm, shoulder or hand
  • Poor posture
    • taking the form of “text neck”, prolonged periods where the spine is not properly supported
  • Whiplash
    • the classic example of a neck injury. A car crash or other traumatic event whips the head violently forward and backward, causing strained muscles and herniated discs.

A Neck Pain Chiropractor Explains: How does the neck get misaligned?

Prolonged sitting, standing, or sleeping in a single position forces some neck muscles to strain and others to atrophy. (read about How Atrophy Happens) These neck muscles fail to support your cervical spine and the bones begin to fall out of alignment. Improper alignment triggers inflammation and a whole host of pain symptoms.

How does neck strain occur?

In our digital age, stability is often compromised for mobility. We perform less and less labor that requires strong movements and instead hold sustained positions for work. (read about Text Neck) The muscles of the neck lack movement, and lose muscle tone. Many people strain their necks merely as the result of having bad posture working in front of a computer monitor, or standing for long periods without moving.

When should I see a neck pain chiropractor?

When range of motion in the neck restricts your efforts to turn your head freely. Or, when sitting is uncomfortable and a reasonable posture is difficult to maintain. If neck stiffness and pain is ignored it can become chronic – leading to arthritis, nerve irritation, and disc degeneration.

What If I have neck pain after sleeping?

If while sleeping, the wrong position can be maintained for hours – resulting in neck muscles becoming strained and tense. This can cause muscle spasms, which can misalign the vetebrae and irritate a nerve.

Should I see a chiropractor or massage therapist for neck pain?

See a chiropractor when a pain continues to reoccur. See a massage therapist when you know you temporarily strained your neck. It may have been over used from a temporary sport activity, or in a temporary new posture (e.g. hunching over for a task when normally you stand to perform tasks). When pain reoccurs, it is possible that discs have become misaligned or nerves have been compressed – this is when you see a chiropractor. Spinal decompression or chiropractic adustments can bring vertebrae back into alignment. Temporary strains result from inflammation and swelling – and a massage therapist is best so that your muscles can be stimulated to heal. To sum up, a chiropractor is the most professionally trained to treat misalignments in the spinal vertebrae where a massage therapist is most trained in treating muscle and connective tissue.