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Get relief from the pain of cervical spinal degeneration

A stiff neck and numbness radiating down your shoulder are common pain signals of cervical spinal degeneration. With this disease, the cushioning discs in your cervical spine are breaking down. As it progresses the body becomes unable to fully repair itself and pain is chronic. At NuView Health Medical, we offer pain management that is an alternative to surgery. Chiropractic, massage, physical therapy, and acupuncture are all available to help relieve the pain from cervical spinal degeneration.

Stiff neck treatment at our midtown chiropractor

When you come in to our office for an appointment our chiropractor will give you a physical and review your medical history. Your tests will include evaluating range of motion and interpreting x-ray images of the neck.

Then chiropractic care is used to provide spinal adjustments to the neck. It relieves pressure, improves circulation, and reduces pain. Often a multi-disciplinary approach is used to treat cervical spinal degeneration that includes massage therapy

Physical therapy is also provided to help you rebuild movement in the neck without pain. NuView Health Medical will design a program that works for your specific condition. We will work with your primary doctor as needed.