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AC Joint Chiropractic - Shoulder Pain Treatment

Our chiropractors in Midtown can perform AC joint chiropractic manipulation. This shoulder pain treatment method relieves pain from a “dislocated” shoulder. The injury targeted by treatment is medically known as an acromioclavicular (AC) joint separation. As the name suggests, it is a separation of the clavicle from the scapula. It occurs more frequently with people that participate in contact sports. 

Chiropractic adjustments and massage can provide shoulder pain relief from an AC joint separation. A physical therapy program is also recommended to re-strengthen the joint. Moreover, a sports medicine program will target specific areas of damage in order to restore range of motion.

Levels of AC Joint Separation Severity

Grade 1: mild trauma causes shoulder sprain to the ligaments. Looks normal on X-Rays.

Grade 2: slight tear of the ligament, where the clavicle is out of alignment. Able to be seen on X-Ray.

Grade 3: A significant, severe separation where the ligaments will need surgery. The clavicle and scapula are noticeably out of the shoulder. 

Grade 4: The coracoclavicular ligaments avulses from the clavicle. This type will require surgery.

Grade 5: The fibrous tissue of muscle becomes stripped off of the acromion and clavicle.

Grade 6: A dislocation of the clavicle’s distal end occurs. 

Shoulder Pain Treatment Must Be Individualized

The rotator cuff has many muscles and tendons prone to injury. It has such a wide range of motion that each injury is unique to the situation when it happened. Thus, shoulder treatment must be customized according to each patient’s pain level and rehabilitation goals.

Consider Chiropractic, Physical Therapy To Avoid Surgery

After an injury the healing process should be paired with chiropractic, physical therapy, or similar rehabilitation as soon as possible. Don’t wait! Many people wait months or years after healing and then therapy is not as effective. The pain develops into a chronic condition such as impingement syndrome or frozen shoulder.

Shoulder pain can be treated effectively with chiropractic and physical therapy. The AC joint is a critical function of your daily life. Much of the standard treatment protocol is lifelong pain relieving drugs and/or surgery. Please consider natural treatment at a chiropractic clinic like NuView Health Medical.

Chiropractic Care in Midtown Manhattan

Chiropractic care has a lot of benefits, thanks to its nature as an alternative remedy for a variety of ailments. It works in place of pharmaceutical medicines, and many patients don’t have to take a lengthy course of prescription drugs as a result. It’s a perfectly safe form of treatment, only performed by licensed professionals.

Chiropractic care also carries far fewer risks than medication or surgery, and is far less expensive because of its external method. It’s a completely non-invasive technique that’ll keep patients comfortable and relaxed throughout the procedure. With many people experiencing back pain, both acutely and chronically throughout their lifetime, a chiropractor’s services can be in high demand as a result of these benefits alone.

There are also no side effects of using a chiropractor’s service, as nothing is ingested and there is no change to your body’s chemistry. Chiropractic care works at a muscle deep level to alleviate pain and help to realign the spine, all performed on the surface via either a single session or a short course of sessions.

It’s also important to note that a chiropractor’s work will address the root cause of your back pain problem, instead of simply addressing the symptoms. Pushing the spine back into place, wherever it’s popped out, allows the body to get back into the necessary, strong position and heal itself.

A chiropractor can do a lot for the most common, regular aches and pains in your body, especially if you’re someone who experiences back pain. As a natural and non-invasive treatment, chiropractic care takes care of the source of the problem, as well as alleviating any and all of the symptoms of back muscles and associated spinal aches. If you’re interested in what chiropractic care can do for you, be sure to ask your local chiropractor about how they can help you, and what treatments would be best for the pain you’re experiencing.

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