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Massage Therapy
by NuView Health Medical

Massage is manual manipulation of the body’s soft tissues in an effort to relieve stress and pain. To explain, all your soft tissues depend on good circulation to maintain optimal function. Massage increases this circulation; in turn releasing serotonin, preventing fibrosis, and increasing the flow of lymph. Often you can’t relieve stress and pain without treating both muscles and spine, which is why we provide massage therapy in conjunction with chiropractic.

Why We Combine Massage and Chiropractic

Many of our patients like to start with a massage to enhance the effect of the chiropractic adjustment that comes later. Massage will relieve muscle tension and make it easier to facilitate an effective spinal adjustment. Sometimes we encourage several massage therapy treatments before we start chiropractic work. Is there anything different about massage at the chiropractor’s office? You may notice that we have an adjustable table. This enables us to be precise about your massage therapy so that the chiropractic adjustment is most effective.

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