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Wrist Pain Treatment NYC: 3 Reasons To Get It Now
by NuView Health Medical

Here are several reasons why wrist pain treatment in NYC is important, and why you should get professional treatment immediately. First, a chiropractor has the experience to manipulate the correct bones in your wrist. You might need a brace to facilitate the healing process. Second, a physical therapist can teach you proper ergonomics and prevent wrist pain from happening again. Fourth, you’ll want to treat it immediately to prevent chronic conditions like tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome. NuView Health Medical’s treatments for wrist pain in NYC are noninvasive. The goal of our treatments is to reduce your need for pain medications and avoid surgery.

How A Chiropractor Provides Wrist Pain Treatment

A chiropractor provides excellent after-injury care for wrist pain.

Our chiropractor will perform imaging to view the inside of your hand and/or wrist to determine the underlying cause of the problem. The chiropractor may manually move the bones in the fingers or wrist to realign them. Our chiropractor will guide you through exercises that are safe for your injury and slowly work the muscles and tendons. The exercises will help to reduce your pain while increasing your range of motion. Our chiropractor may prescribe hot and cold therapy to reduce pain and inflammation in the region.

Wrist Pain Treatment NYC: Physical Therapy to Learn Proper Ergonomics

Physical Therapy offers several benefits for patients struggling with wrist pain. First, it is non-invasive. Unlike more invasive and surgical treatments, physical therapy promotes your body to self-heal. Second, learn ergonomics from an expert. Proper ergonomics in your daily life will prolong general wellbeing and health. Finally, physical therapy and chiropractic together will treat the root cause of wrist pain. Instead of just alleviating the painful symptoms, our therapies together will provide relief from the source of the pain.

Wrist Pain Treatment Can Prevent Chronic Tendonitis

Like all medical conditions that end in “itis,” chronic tendonitis involves inflammation – in this case, inflammation affecting one or more of your tendons. With this condition, which sometimes goes by the impressive-sounding name of overuse tendinopathy, you constantly suffer from pain and trouble moving your wrist.

Typical preventative treatment involves resting your wrist frequently throughout the day. Apply ice for 20 minutes every hour or two, compressing the area, and elevating the wrist is recommended. Then, switch from icing to heating. Once the acute phase of the injury passes, begin rehab: implement a physical therapy routine. Physical therapy will stretch and strengthen the tendon and its associated muscles in the wrist.

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More on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is often referred to as a ‘repetitive strain injury’ (RSI). The condition refers to an injury to the wrist’s bones that house the median nerve all the way to the forearm. Excessive pressure to the median nerve right above the wrist can cause numbness, pain, burning and tingling sensations.

In most cases, carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by:

Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI)
Frequent use of keyboard/cell phones and other hand held devices
Repetitive wrist movements
Improper Posture
Hazards of non ergonomic environment

Treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with Chiropractic Care

The condition can cause considerable discomfort, pain, and can hinder your daily functioning. Our non-invasive treatment effectively provides holistic health and wellness to all our patients—without needing any surgery!

Here are some of the ways we help our patients:

  • Diagnosing the condition: Accurate diagnosis is required for our experts to customize a treatment plan for your specific needs. We use physical examination and, in some cases, x-rays to diagnose your conditions for the best outcome.
  • Manipulation: Chiropractic care involves the manipulation of the upper spine, wrist, and elbow. Misalignment can often cause, or worsen, carpal tunnel syndrome. Our experts work to adjust the spine, wrist, and elbow to relieve pain and release any nerve compression along the spine.
  • Ultrasound therapy: This non-invasive therapy utilizes either very low-energy or very high-energy sounds to provide relief. These sound waves, which are outside the range of normal hearing for humans, penetrate into the body’s tissues. Deep inside the tissues, they reduce pain, alleviate inflammation, and relax muscles.
  • Wrist supports & bracing: By immobilizing the wrist and affected arm, wrist supports ensure the proper alignment is maintained to keep your wrist stabilized.