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Finding the right chiropractor NYC can be a difficult task. This can lead to hours spent searching online for the right Midtown chiropractor. However, if you are looking for a chiropractic center that excels at customer service and high-quality chiropractic care, then look no further. NuView Health Medical in New York, New York has the right credentials to take care of the bodily pains that you have been feeling. Your Midtown chiropractor will be able to assist you in restoring your movement without pain and improving your energy levels through holistic care.


Finding Our Office

Manhattan is an incredibly compact place with buildings almost everywhere. GPS can lead you to one place and it may end up not being the right location. Fortunately, we have some details on how to find us. Our address is 22 West 48th Street Suite 306 New York, NY 10036 and we can are west of the Rockefeller Center and northeast of Bryant Park. As mentioned previously, Manhattan is an incredibly compact place and it can become easy to get lost in. Fortunately, these directions will help point you in the right direction whenever the time comes to finding our office.

Our Services We Provide

NuView Health Medical dedicates our energy in making sure that you receive the chiropractic care that you deserve. We provide physical exams that help us determine the overall health of your body. We then recommend various chiropractic services that aim at fixing the subluxations in your musculoskeletal system. This will give you improve range of motion, better moods, and a boost to your energy levels. We also provide nutritional advice that can help you maintain your health as well. Our spine is more important than we realize. It is our duty to serve and educate our patients about the spine in order to keep them healthy.

Your Midtown Chiropractor

Have you been experiencing physical pain recently and are not sure of the cause? Has an accident been causing lack of productivity whenever you are at work? We are the chiropractic centers that you can depend on near the Rockefeller center that will help you overcome your physical pain. Our practice is located northeast of Bryant Park and is open during normal business hours. Don’t wait any longer if you have been suffering from pain. Let us help put you on the right path towards recovery. Contact us today at (212)-671-1242 to schedule your professional appointment. 

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