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Chiropractic Care at Our Rockefeller Center

When you’re looking for a hell’s kitchen chiropractor, you want someone you can trust. Look no further than NuView Health Medical. Whether you’re searching for a chiropractor Midtown West, chiropractor Manhattan, or a general chiropractor NYC, we’ve got you covered for the 10036 area.  

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Services Provided at our Rockefeller Center

Chiropractic Care

From long term treatment to a basic alignment, our qualified chiropractors will have you feeling better after just one appointment.

Massage Therapy

Whether you need a massage for general stress relief or to help you find pain relief from an injury, we can help. 

Physical Therapy

PT is one of those things that is easy to keep putting off, but this is never a good idea. If your doctor has recommended physical therapy to help you recover from an injury, it’s important to get started right away. Our trained PTs will develop a plan that will have you on the road to recovery.

Sports Medicine

Are you an athlete? A weekend warrior who wants to take it to the next level? A former athlete with a nagging injury that’s keeping you out of the game? We’ll assess your injury and develop a treatment plan that will get you back on the field. 


From treating allergies to inducing labor, acupuncture is a world-renowned medical treatment that is often just as helpful as traditional medicine.

Spinal Decompression Therapy

 If you spend your day sitting in in office, traveling, or doing physical labor, it’s likely that your spine has become compressed over the years. With spinal decompression therapy, we gently (non-surgically) reverse the effects of stress and gravity to give your back some relief.

Medical Massage

While a massage feels good, it can also have medical purposes, such as helping you to recover from an injury.

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When you find yourself googling “chiropractor near me,” make sure you choose an office that you can trust. We provide chiropractic care in Midtown East and surrounding areas. Visit our website or give us a call today at (212) 588-0707 to set up a consultation today. 

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