Chondromalacia Patella

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What’s that pain in your knee? If you’ve been struggling with an ache in the front of your knee after athletic activity or long periods of sitting down, you may be one of the many individuals plagued by a condition called chondromalacia patella. the good news is that you’re not necessarily stuck with this annoying discomfort,  nor do you necessarily need surgery to correct it. Here at NuView Health Medical in New York, NY we can treat your knee pain safely and naturally. 

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What Is Chondromalacia Patella?

Chondromalacia patella is also referred to as a patellofemoral syndrome. To understand how this condition occurs, it’s first important to know a bit of knee anatomy. Your kneecap (patella) normally glides over the bottom end of the thighbone without pain, thanks to a layer of cushioning cartilage. When this cartilage begins to degrade and break up, friction between the kneecap and the thighbone may increase. as the kneecap grates against the bone, you experience an ache or feeling of tightness in the front of the knee. An unstable kneecap that tracks along the outer edge of the thighbone, instead of straight up and down, can also cause chondromalacia patella symptoms.

The telltale signs of chondromalacia patella are most likely to appear in adolescence or young adulthood. If you have a musculoskeletal misalignment that makes you “knock-kneed,” you may be predisposed to this problem. People who put their knees under regular stress, such as runners and other athletes, may also have trouble with it. You may find that the pain doesn’t leave you alone when you’re sitting quietly  — in fact, prolonged sitting has been known to trigger the familiar ache (a phenomenon nicknamed “theater seat syndrome”).

Non-Invasive Knee Care From Your New York Chiropractor

Either New York chiropractor on our team at NuView Health Medical can diagnose chondromalacia patella by noting your symptoms, asking you about your activity level, and examine the knee itself to rule out other issues such as iliotibial band syndrome. If rest and ice aren’t helping your symptoms, chiropractic adjustments to the sacroiliac joint (at the base of the spine) can help straighten out faulty stance, gait, and kneecap tracking.  We may also prescribe exercise to strengthen and stretch the muscles that support normal knee alignment. Once your knee feels better, we can recommend preventative exercises and best practices to keep it functioning as normally as possible.

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