If you have a child who has a diagnosis of scoliosis, you may have a lot of questions about the condition and how it will affect your child. The spine effects many areas of the body and can affect your overall health in many ways. When a child has a spinal problem, it can affect many systems of the body. It can also cause the patient to be embarrassed about the condition. The condition usually starts in kids at a specific point in their development and may require treatment. Scoliosis is a curved spine that can cause back pain. Proper management of this condition can help the patient get the treatment they need for relief. If you're in the Midtown, NY, or Midtown West, NY, or New York, NY, give us a call to see a chiropractor for this condition. We at NuView Health Medical are here to help


Scoliosis Basics

Scoliosis occurs when a person's spinal curve develops a sideways curve. This curved spine generally happens when a child is close to starting puberty. At this stage, kids have a big growth spurt. As they continue to develop, the scoliosis can get worse. If the curve continues to get worse, it can greatly affect the child's life. When the condition is severe, the person might need to have treatment and methods of management. 

When the case is extremely severe, it can be disabling. The curved spine in these cases can leave too little space in the chest, and this can make breathing harder. The ribs can also put pressure on organs like the lungs and heart, and this can interfere with the function of them. A common problem is back pain that limits the range of motion and makes movement harder. 

Causes of Scoliosis

There are some cases that are hereditary. If you have a family history of scoliosis, you're more likely to develop it. Neuromuscular conditions can also cause it. These include spinal defects, cerebral palsy, and certain spinal injuries. 

Getting Scoliosis Treatment and Pain Management from a Chiropractor on Our Chiropractic Care Team

The pain that can come with scoliosis may need to be managed by a chiropractor. When your child needs relief from scoliosis in New York, NY, in the Midtown, NY, or Midtown West, NY areas, give our office a call to set up an appointment. There are treatments that are available to help you feel better. Call us at (212) 588-0707 for more information.

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