Spinal Misalignment

Spinal Misalignment and Poor Posture Treatment With Your Midtown New York Chiropractor

While you were growing up, it was important for you to pay attention to your elders when they explained you should avoid slouching and maintain good posture. However, we don’t always practice what we know about posture’s benefits when standing up straight or sitting at a desk. 

Poor Posture and Spinal Misalignment

Whether poor posture or spinal misalignment is causing you aches and pains, you should know that help is available for you now at NuView Health Medical today.

If you’re a patient living in one of the following ZIP codes (10017, 10019, 10020, 10022 or 10036), you’ll be glad to learn that our location is conveniently located in Midtown NYC near Rockefeller Center.

The Importance of Good Posture

When you practice good posture, all of your muscles are working together to keep you positioned properly. But if your posture is poor, it causes you to shift and grow imbalanced. Imbalance forces your muscles to strain to keep you stable, leading to significant pain in your back and neck muscles.

To keep problems from reoccurring in the future, the chiropractor will advise you on how to maintain excellent posture both when standing and when sitting for lengthy periods at school, work or at home.

How Your Preferred Chiropractor Can Help With Spinal Misalignment

When your doctor diagnoses you with spinal misalignment, it’s essential to bring it back into alignment as soon as possible so your body can begin to heal. Your preferred chiropractor will begin by consulting with you about your activity level, medical history and how long you’ve been experiencing pain in your neck or back.

Then, you will undergo a comprehensive examination. This might involve taking x-rays, to help the chiropractic professional come up with a customized plan to treat you and your unique situation.

A doctor alleviates pain by performing spinal adjustments to gently move the vertebrae back into their correct alignment. You’ll experience a decrease in pain and inflammation after treatment. In addition, the chiropractor may determine that physical therapy should be included in your treatment, for which you will need to schedule some follow-up appointments.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Manhattan Chiropractor

It’s clear that good posture is key for avoiding pain in your back and neck. When you have issues with spinal misalignment, it’s time to have a chiropractic professional evaluate you and create a treatment plan. To that end, we routinely see patients from ZIP codes in New York including 10017, 10019, 10020, 10022 and 10036 in our Midtown NYC location close to Rockefeller Center and are standing by to assist you.

If you are having aches and pains and are interested in learning more about our approach to spinal alignment and physical therapy or are ready to make an appointment, please call NuView Health Medical at (212) 588-0707 today. 

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