Tendon Tears and Tendonitis

Tendon Tears and Tendonitis Treatment With Our Midtown Manhattan Chiropractor at NuView Health Medical

Tendon tears and tendonitis both commonly affect sports players, laborers, and other physically active people, but you can also get these painful conditions for no apparent reason or from an accident. No matter how your tendons were injured or inflamed, though, we can help with your recovery here at NuView Health Medical in New York City. Here is an overview of these two conditions to get you started: 

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What is a Tendon Tear?

This is a direct injury to a tendon which involves at least some tearing of the tissue. It is typically quite painful and will limit your use of the affected part until healing is complete. The severity of the tear can range from a few fibers to the total separation of the tendon. Some medical professionals refer to this injury as a tendon rupture, especially if it is severe. Others use the term “sprain.” All of these are just different ways of saying the same thing.

What is Tendinitis?

Like all medical conditions that end in “itis,” this involves inflammation – in this case, inflammation affecting one or more of your tendons. With this condition, which sometimes goes by the impressive-sounding name of overuse tendinopathy, you suffer from pain and trouble moving the associated joint. In some cases, such as severe frozen shoulder, you might not be able to move the joint at all.

Treatment Options

For a tendon tear of minimal or moderate severity, resting the affected part, applying ice for 20 minutes every hour or two, compressing the area, and elevating the part are recommended for the first three days after injury. Then, switch from icing to heating. Later, start physical therapy to stretch and strengthen the tendon and its associated muscle. For tendinitis, first, stop doing the activity that aggravates it. Then, apply ice in the form of a pack that prevents direct skin contact. Once the acute phase of the injury passes, begin rehab on the affected part(s).

How Can a Chiropractor Help?

A chiropractor provides excellent after-injury care for both torn and inflamed tendons. Physical therapy, typically in the form of corrective exercises, helps prevent the stiffening and weakening of the tendon and the muscle it is attached to. Other treatments, such as therapeutic massage, are typically added. With these soft tissue injuries, good rehab is essential to both regain full function of the extremity and to help prevent future injury. Therefore, you should start treatments as soon as you can safely do so.

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