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Chiropractic Treatment for Runner’s Knee With Our Midtown New York Chiropractor

runners knee

Pain in the front of your knee could be due to a problem is known as runner’s knee. Having this problem can make it uncomfortable to put any pressure on one or both knees while running or walking. At NuView Health Medical in Manhattan, we offer chiropractic care and other treatments for runner’s knee.

Causes of Runner’s Knee

Runner’s knee can occur from overusing your knee, such as while doing workouts that put a lot of pressure on it. This pressure can lead to strains or sprains that affect the muscles and ligaments in your knee. Other possible causes include trauma, misalignments in your knee joints and weakened thigh muscles.

Symptoms of Runner’s Knee

One of the most common signs of runner’s knee is having pain in the front part of your knee around the kneecap. This pain often gets worse when you move or bend your knee, such as while kneeling, standing up, walking or running. You might also have some swelling around your kneecap.

Treatments for Runner’s Knee from Our Chiropractic Doctor in NYC

Our chiropractic doctor in NYC offers adjustments and other treatments for runner’s knee. These adjustments bring your knee joint into proper alignment in order to relieve pain. Correcting any misalignments you have also helps your knee heal, which lowers your risk of having it come back. 

Physical Therapy for Runner’s Knee

Physical therapy helps ease pain from runner’s knee while also making you less likely to experience it on an ongoing basis. During this treatment, you will learn to do exercises that stretch and strengthen your knee muscles, which reduces your risk of chronic pain.

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If you suffer from runner’s knee, please contact our NYC chiropractor to set up an appointment. At NuView Health Medical near Rockefeller Center, we offer chiropractic care, physical therapy and other nonsurgical treatments for this type of pain. We also provide care for back and neck pain, along with chronic pain in other joints, so you can enjoy your normal activities without any pain and discomfort.  

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