Patella Femoral Syndrome

Patella Femoral Syndrome Care at Our Nyc Chiropractor

In Patella Femoral Syndrome pain is experienced in the front of the knee.  This type of pain can often be referred to as “runner’s knee” since pain is usually worse with running, jumping, going up and down stairs, or sitting for extended periods of times.  While this syndrome can heal with rest and ice, sometimes additional care in the form of physical therapy or chiropractic care is needed.  

Patella Femoral Syndrome Care at Our NYC Chiropractor

Causes of PFS

The root cause of this syndrome is still unknown; however doctors have found commonalities that are usually associated with patella femoral syndrome.  These causes include:

  • Overuse – Doctors particularly see this condition in sports that require repetitive running or jumping that can cause irritation to the knee cap.
  • Injury – Past trauma experienced to the knee cap, such as a fracture, can lead to this syndrome.
  • Surgery – Patients that undergo ACL surgery that uses the patient’s own patella tendon seem to be at higher risk for developing this syndrome following the surgery.  
  • Muscle Weakness – If the muscles that connect the hip and knee are not properly inline and in balance knee pain may result.  Further, if the knee tends to track inward during squatting motions the syndrome can develop over time.


There are various forms of treatment depending on the severity of the discomfort.  Simple over the counter medications for pain will generally help relieve some of the discomfort.  Rest and ice are recommended until the pain is gone.  For more serious cases of patella femoral syndrome a trip to physical therapy or the chiropractor is in order.  A physical therapist may suggest taping the knee or a few rehabilitation exercises.  These exercises are intended to help strengthen the muscles surrounding the knee.  

How Can Our Midtown Chiropractor Help?

We will first check you for any imbalances that may be causing the knee pain to develop, particularly focusing on the lower portion of the body.  If something is out of alignment from the hips down to the feet it can be manifesting itself as knee pain.  Once everything is back in proper alignment we use laser therapy and ultrasound to help speed up the healing process.  For some patients adding a knee brace or tape may help ease the pain until the ailment has healed completely.  

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