Impingement Syndrome

Treating Impingement Syndrome at Our New York Chiropractor

Impingement Syndrome occurs when part of shoulder bone structure rubs against certain shoulder tendons, causing pain, compression of the tendons, and limited range of motion. This is most noticeable at first when the arm is raised to shoulder height. If left untreated, the pain may become more severe an occur even when the arm is not lifted.  

Man suffering from impingement syndrome

Other symptoms on impingement syndrome include swelling in the front area of the shoulder, stiffness and/or pain when lifting the arm, or pain when the arm is lowers. Typically, when someone speaks about rotator cuff pain, they are talking about impingement syndrome. Tendonitis in the shoulder may also occur at the same time.

Rotator Cuff Impingement Symptoms

Unfortunately, the early symptoms of impingement syndrome are often mild enough that sufferers do not seek treatment. Early symptoms include:

  • Pain that radiates from the front of the shoulder to the side of the arm.
  • Minor pain that persists even when at rest.
  • Lifting and reaching movements that cause pain–even if not lifting any heavy weight.
  • Pain that occurs when the arm is lifted to shoulder height or over the head.

As the problem intensifies, you may suffer these problems:

  • Loss of range of motion and/or strength in the shoulder.
  • Difficulty with activities that involve putting the arms behind the back, such as was zippers, clothing hooks, or even putting on a belt.
  • Increased tenderness in the shoulder.
  • The lack of strength or range of motion may worsen.
  • Increasing pain with all movements involving the shoulder.
  • Increasing pain at night.
  • If the pain comes on suddenly, the shoulder may be severely tender. All movement may be limited and painful.

What Causes Impingement Syndrome?

This type of shoulder pain can be caused for several different reasons. The most common are repetitive motion strain, and injuries to the shoulder.

Is There a Chiropractor Near Me Who Can Treat Impingement Syndrome?

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