Bulging Disc

How does a bulging disc occur and can it be treated naturally?

A bulging disc is a common spinal injury that’s sustained to the intervertebral disc. The symptoms may present in the lower back, upper of mid-back and the cervical spine. It’s also referred to as a slipped or protruding disc.

A bulging disc may occur when the rubbery cushion part of your spine either tears or bulges and presses a nerve. This happens either due to a weak annulus or an increase in the pressure to the disc, which causes the annulus to tear.

The symptoms you may experience with this condition include experiencing aggravating back pain while bending forward, sitting, sneezing/coughing or while lifting an object. The condition is mostly diagnosed using an MRI or x-rays, depending on the severity of the condition.

To treat a bulging disc naturally, a chiropractor may utilize spinal manipulation physiotherapy (spread over 2 to 3 sessions over a span of 4 weeks at most), stretching, heat ice massage or spinal decompression, or a combination of these treatments. There is no pain associated with most of these treatments, although you might experience some temporary discomfort, which is normal. 

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