Treating Bunions With Our NuView Health Medical Team in New York City

If you suffer from pain at the base of your big toes, it is likely you are suffering from Bunions. After seeing a foot doctor to diagnose your condition, heading to NuView Health Medical in New York for additional treatment is an option. Our chiropractor is seasoned in treating pain associated with bunions and will help to devise a plan that helps you find relief. Here is some information about this condition and how seeing our chiropractors can help alleviate discomfort. 

Chiropractor treating a patient for foot pain

What Are Bunions and How They Are They Diagnosed

A bunion is a painful bump located on the underside of your foot, directly over the jointed area where the base of your big toe meets the end of your foot. This type of ailment is diagnosed by a podiatrist or family doctor and requires some lifestyle changes to help alleviate pain and worsening of the condition. Bunions are rather prominent and will appear red and swollen. They are usually tender when you touch them and in time may develop a shiny appearance.

Common Causes for the Presence of Bunions

Many people who develop bunions do so because of the structure of their foot. This is often hereditary. As we age, the feet spread. If during this process, the big toe moves toward the first metatarsal bone in the foot, a lump will appear over the joint. In addition to foot structure, bunions can be the result of wearing ill-fitting shoes. They are also found in people who suffer from arthritis in the feet. If your legs are different lengths, the foot on the longer leg may develop a bunion due to uneven weight distribution as you walk.

How Our New York City Chiropractors Can Help Treat This Condition

Our chiropractors have plenty of experience in helping those suffering from foot conditions like bunions, find relief. This is done with a few different methods. Our practitioner will request that you bring along any documentation provided to you by other physicians about your condition.

Treatment includes temperature adjustments over the affected area with the use of ice packs or heating pads, adjustments to the bone structure to relieve stress upon joints, electric stimulating machinery to help get the blood circulating in the affected area, and recommendations regarding lifestyle changes, such as wearing different shoes or the avoidance of walking upon hard surfaces.

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