Elbow Sprains and Strains

Treating Your Elbow Sprains With Chiropractic Care at NuView Health Medical

NuView Health Medical is an NYC midtown chiropractic service that has managed various types of elbow pain, including strains and sprains. Getting chiropractic care from our Midtown East and Midtown West chiropractor specialists can help treat this problem and ensure you don’t suffer from excessive pain for too long. 

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Common Causes of Elbow Pain and Sprains and Strains in Hell’s Kitchen

Elbow strains are a common problem in people who play a variety of sports. For example, tennis is a common cause of this pain. It is something that our Rockefeller Center chiropractic services have had to manage in thousands of people. Sprains are also caused by a variety of situations, including: 

  • Impact With a Blunt Object 
  • Slips and Falls 
  • Overuse During Sporting Events 
  • Underuse Caused by a Sedentary Lifestyle 
  • Various Diseases 

If you are suffering from this type of pain, it is essential to start looking for a “chiropractor near me” in midtown NYC and Hell’s Kitchen. This fact is particularly true if you are suffering from various wear-and-tear sprains and strains that can be more problematic and difficult to treat. 

The Difference Between Injury Types 

One-time strains and sprains are typically caused by a sudden increase in stress in the elbow. They are the easiest types to manage because they usually get better rather quickly. However wear-and-tear injuries are caused by excessive wear on your elbow and will create more issues. A few of these common injury types include:

  • Bursitis – Caused by repeating the same motion repeatedly 
  • Tennis or Golfer’s Elbow – Occurs due to repetitive motions in the elbow 
  • Trapped Nerves – Happens when nerves in the elbow get pinched 
  • Stress Fractures – Occurs when excessive pressure fractures the bone

When to Call a Doctor and How They’ll Help

While pain your elbow should go away after a few days or a week, there is a chance that a more serious problem could be affecting your elbow health. It is essential to call your doctor if your elbow: 

  • Feels fractured or dislocated 
  • Won’t improve with icing and rest 
  • Swells up or gets bruised 
  • Gets more painful and tender over time 
  • Struggles to bend properly 
  • Looks like it is crooked or jagged 

When these issues are present, chiropractors can manipulate the area gently to help get it back into place. Their subtle manipulations will also address the underlying problem and ensure that it doesn’t get worse due to their treatment. Beyond that, they can also help you get a pain prescription if it gets worse. 

Getting Help Near NYC

So if you are looking for a “chiropractor near me” in the 10036 area who can help manage your elbow pain, please contact us at NuView Health Medical. Call us at (212) 588-0707 to learn more about how chiropractor and chiropractic service specialists can help you manage this severe issue. We are Rockefeller Center chiropractic specialists that you can trust. Don’t forget that we service Midtown East and Midtown West.  

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