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Having a spasm in your back muscle every once in awhile is normal, but frequent spasms are not. If you suffer from persistent back muscle spasms, they can cause a considerable amount of discomfort that can stop you from enjoying your regular activities and participating in sports. At NuView Health Medical, we offer chiropractic care in NYC for back muscle spasms.

Causes of Back Muscle Spasms

You can end up with back muscle spasms after working, playing a sport or doing another activity that causes you to strain your muscles. Overusing your back muscles or putting too much pressure on them can result in strains or sprains that lead to spasms. You can also have spasms from arthritis or disc problems that affect the nerves. When you have these spasms, it means that your affected back muscles are tensing in an involuntary manner.

Chiropractic Care for Back Muscle Spasms

Chiropractic adjustments to your spine can help relieve back muscle spasms. Our chiropractic doctor can realign your entire spine, which removes pressure from nerves for pain relief and supports healing by improving blood flow. Bringing your spine into the right alignment helps reduce involuntary tensing while allowing your muscles to recover. Our chiropractor might also recommend physical therapy if adjustments alone do not provide enough relief.

Physical Therapy Near Rockefeller Center

When you come to our location near Rockefeller Center for physical therapy, our physical therapist will help you learn to do specific exercises that target the affected muscles in your back. These exercises help strengthen your back muscles, as well as muscles in the surrounding area, which helps lower your risk of having recurring spasms. This type of treatment can provide even more effective relief when combined with chiropractic care.

Contact Our Manhattan Chiropractor

If you have been having back muscle spasms and need relief, please contact NuView Health Medical to schedule an appointment with our Manhattan chiropractor. With our help, you can enjoy relief from back pain. Keep in mind that we can also treat neck pain, as well as pain in your other joints. 

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