Neck Pain

Causes, Symptoms, and Prevention of Neck Pain

Neck pain is one of the most common complaints that make people check in hospitals. An individual can experience neck pains due to bad posture, and it would be a result of leaning over your screen for a long time. Neck pain is not always a sign of a severe underlying condition, and it is essential to seek medical attention when the pain persists. Visit our NuView Health Medical facility in Midtown, New York, whenever you feel neck discomfort. Our highly trained chiropractors offer some of the best services in New York. 


Symptoms of Neck Pain

Common signs and symptoms of neck pain include:

  • Headaches
  • Muscle spasms
  • Numbness and tingling in the arms or hands

What Are the Causes of Neck Pain?

The neck consists of cervical vertebrae, which are flexible enough for head rotation and strong to support the head weight. Necks are susceptible to injuries and conditions that lead to pain. According to our licensed chiropractors, some causes of neck pain includes:

  • Illnesses. Some chronic diseases such as cancer, meningitis, and arthritis cause neck pain.
  • Pinched nerves. A bulging disc in the neck area can cause compression of the nerves.
  • Strained muscles. When muscles get overworked even when performing simple tasks such as studying in bed, neck muscles get strained, leading to neck pains.
  • Misalignments. This is a subluxation in the spine that causes pressure on the nerve root.
  • Worn out joints. Typically joints become worn out due to old age. Arthritis causes the ligaments between the cervical vertebrae bones to weaken, leading to bone spurs forming that causes pain.

Prevention and Management of Neck Pain

Often, neck pains are related to a bad sitting posture and wear and tear associated with old age. Our chiropractors recommend a few simple things that can prevent neck pains from occurring. They include:

  1. Take intermittent breaks. Do not sit in the same position for an hour. Take a break and stand or move around.
  2. Drink plenty of water
  3. Exercise
  4. Proper nutrition
  5. Get a sufficient amount of sleep
  6. Decrease your stress

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