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Knee Popping and Pain Treatment at NuView Health Medical

Knees can pop and click when you move and not cause any pain.  There are several reasons why your knees can click and most of them are rather harmless.  If however your knees start to become painful it may be time to seek medical attention.  Below we will take a deeper dive into the causes and treatments for popping and clicking knees.  

Runner with knee pain.

Causes of Knee Pain

There are some rather benign reasons why a knee might make a popping or clicking sound when moving.  One reason may be because the soft ligaments and tendons within the knee may be going over a hard, bony lump.  When the tendons go back into place they often make a snapping sound.  This noise can usually be replicated with repeat motions such as bending or squatting.  Another cause could be the same tendons and ligaments are catching on scar tissue that may be built up in the knee from past injury.  If the popping or cracking in your knee becomes painful it is time to seek medical attention.

Treatments Available

In the cases where the popping and cracking within the knee are not painful medical intervention is not required.  If however, the cracking becomes painful it is time to receive a medical evaluation.  The cause of the knee popping and clicking will determine the appropriate form of treatment.  Often, arthritis can begin as a popping or clicking sound.  Certain injuries, such as a torn meniscus can start as a popping sound.  A full examination and possible X-rays and scans will be able to further determine treatment.

How Can a Chiropractor Help?

Chiropractic specialists look to solve knee pain through a natural approach.  Often, the reason why the body starts to exhibit signs of distress or pain is because the body is out of balance.  Knee pain can be due to an imbalance elsewhere in the body.  At our office we will begin with diagnostic X-rays to determine the source of the popping and clicking.  Once determined our professional chiropractors will work to develop a healing plan to remove the source of popping by restoring balance.  

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