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How Acupuncture Care can help with Post Surgical Recovery


Manhattan Chiropractic Post Surgical Acupuncture

Getting surgery, whatever it may be, can be stressful. Acupuncture treatment before, during, and after surgery can relieve your anxiety, as well as reduce pain alone with helping you heal faster. Acupuncture has been used in surgeries since the Mid-20th century. It is a tried and true practice that you can receive from a certified chiropractor at NuView Health Medical in Midtown, NYC.

How Can Acupuncture Treatment Help Post Surgery?

After surgeries, the most common treatment is to provide pain medication. This could lead to many unwanted side effects, like nausea and dizziness, but can also delay recovery time. Using medication after surgery can also lead to an opioid addiction, which is a common epidemic that many people are trying to stop and avoid. To do this, many have sought after alternate methods relieving the pain after surgery, like acupuncture. Studies have shown that patients who are treated with acupuncture have less pain and use less pain medication, than those who are treated without.

Acupuncture post-surgery is able to alleviate the adverse effects from the drugs given during surgery, like anesthesia. It alleviates the feeling of nausea, vomiting, headaches, constipation, and urinary retention. Not only is it helpful in pain relief, but acupuncture can also help with scars caused from surgery. It will help circulate the area near the scar, reduce pain at the scar, and may even erase it.

Other Positives of Acupuncture

Acupuncture can not only help after surgery, but before and during. It can be used to relieve stress before your surgery by relaxing and resetting the body. It can also strengthen your immune system and reduce inflammation and pain. Doing this before surgery lowers the bodies stress levels and makes it a quicker recovery process for after the surgery. Doctors have also reported that patients who have had acupuncture before surgery, bled less and needed less anesthesia than other patients.

During surgery, patients who have acupuncture treatments show a stable heart rate and improved blood pressure. This also helps in the recovery process. Keep in mind that although acupuncture is helpful, it should not be done on patients who have a bleeding disorder, pacemaker, or who are pregnant. Consult with your licensed chiropractor in Midtown East or Midtown West to make sure that acupuncture is right for you.

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