Shin Splints

Our Midtown East & West Chiropractor Team Treats & Prevents Shin Splints

Near Midtown Manhattan at NuView Health Medical, our team provides high quality Rockefeller Center chiropractic care for New Yorkers of all ages, lifestyles, and backgrounds. As a city of runners, one of the most common injuries treated by Midtown East and West chiropractor staff are shin splints, and we’re happy to educate our 10036 community on this preventable condition.  

Woman with shin splints needs chiropractic care.

What Are Shin Splints?

Shin splints—clinically known as medial tibial stress syndrome—are most commonly experienced by runners, but can affect anyone who performs a lot of vigorous activity (jumping, military drills, dancing, sprinting, etc.). It’s also common among people who suddenly start up a new exercise program. 

The hallmark symptom of shin splints is pain on the inner front side of your tibia (shin bone). This pain occurs due to inflammation and microfiber damage to muscles, tendons, bone, and fascia attached here. Pain can occur before, during, and after exercise, and is often described as either achy or sharp. The front of the shin is often tender to touch, and may appear slightly swollen. 

Causes of Shin Splints

In most cases, shin splints occur due to repetitive strain on the tissues at your tibia. The risk for this occurring is greater if you have certain factors, such as:

  • Excessively flat or excessively high arches (which can increase relative force and load in the legs)
  • Sudden increase in training volume (e.g., more training days, longer duration sessions, etc.)
  • Improper or ill-fitting footwear

How Chiropractic Care Near Hell’s Kitchen Can Treat & Prevent Shin Splints

If you’re experiencing the hallmark symptoms of shin splints, consider seeking chiropractic care in Hell’s Kitchen. Our services highly effective for reducing inflammation and pain, accelerating tissue healing, and preventing recurring injury by helping you make the necessary modifications and adjustments to improve your body mechanics and allow for safe exercise. 

Following a thorough examination and diagnosis (being sure to rule out other causes of shin pain, including stress fractures and compartment syndrome), we can employ an individualized plan of care which may include services such as:

  • Acupuncture
  • Massage therapy
  • Corrective exercises and stretches
  • Joint mobilizations
  • Lifestyle counseling and movement analysis

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