Sinus Headaches

Do You Suffer From Sinus Headaches? Our Chiropractor in Rockefeller Can Help

Your sinuses are air-filled pockets within your face.  They are located in your cheekbones, forehead, and behind the bridge of your nose.  Sometimes these areas can get inflamed, through an infection or allergic reaction, which can cause the body to produce more mucus filling these pockets.  When this happens pressure builds up and can result in a sinus headache.  Let’s take a closer look at what causes these headaches and what treatment is available. 

Woman suffering from a sinus headache

Causes on Sinus Headaches

There are many reasons why the sinuses may become inflamed.  The inflammation can occur as a result of an infection or cold.  This can be a one-time occurrence and once the sinus infection is clear the sinuses have a chance to return to normal.  Or, sinus inflammation can occur from an allergic reaction, such as an allergy to hay fever.  Whatever the case, the sinuses fill up with fluid increasing pressure.  This fluid has a harder time draining due to inflammation.  The consistent added pressure to the sinuses can manifest as a sinus headache.  

Treatment Options Available

The key to relieve a sinus headache is to relieve the pressure within the sinuses.  This can be accomplished through medication such as antibiotics, antihistamines, or decongestants. By eliminating the allergic reaction or the infection causing the swelling you will be able to reduce the pressure, and thus, eliminate the headache associated with it.  Over the counter pain relievers are also helpful for reducing the pain of a sinus headache. It is important to note that medication should not be continued beyond three days unless prescribed by a medical doctor.

How Our New York Chiropractor Can Help

A chiropractor is about restoring order and balance to the body.  Through chiropractic manipulation a chiropractor will be able to adjust the bones within the neck and face.  By doing so, a chiropractor is able to open up the sinuses within the nasal passage.  With larger passages fluids are better able to drain and relieve pressure.  When the pressure in the sinus cavity is relieved sinus headaches will go away.

If you suffer from sinus headaches during allergy season it may be time to see a chiropractor to relieve your symptoms.  At NuView Health Medical our trained and caring staff is here to help.  Conveniently located directly in front of the Rockefeller Center we are in the heart of NYC.  Call us today at (212) 588-0707 to schedule an appointment.  We are located at 22 West 48th Street, Suite 306, New York, NY 10036.  Our professional staff is eager to help you live a healthy and pain free life the natural way.   

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