Upper Back Pain

While most people think of lower back pain when they hear about back pain in general, upper back pain can be just as debilitating. Even mild upper back pain is annoying and can have you grumbling throughout the day. Upper back pain is often caused by bad posture and simple strains. If you’re suffering from upper back pain, a chiropractor such as the ones at NuView Health Medical in New York, NY, can help you.


Causes of and Treatments for Upper Back Pain

Upper and middle back pain can be caused by some fairly simple issues. Bad posture is one, as are overuse injuries. You can correct your posture and get some rest so that you recover from overuse injuries, although it’s best to see a chiropractor anyway if you’re dealing with longer-term pain.

Causes that are more difficult to treat include fractures and myofascial pain, as well as osteoarthritis. These require more long-term management, from healing the fractures to alleviating the problems that osteoarthritis can cause. However, prompt treatment in which you follow all instructions helps you recover more quickly.

Our chiropractor can help with many of these treatments through adjustments and muscle massage to release tenseness and stress. Sometimes the pain is caused by your muscles tensing up in response to other pain, which of course only makes the problem worse. If you can get rid of some of that tension, you could see improvement in your overall pain levels.

Occasionally the symptoms can indicate something very wrong that needs immediate attention. If you have numbness in your arms, for example, you need to seek help as soon as possible. Our chiropractor will take your history and look at ways to best support your spine as it heals from whatever caused the pain to occur in the first place.

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